Behind the Scenes

Our Teams in Africa:

The majority of our talented teams operate from Zambia, happily working each day to create your videos.

We place paramount importance on three key aspects when it comes to our teams:

  1. Fairness in payment and ethical practices.
  2. Creating a pleasant and supportive work atmosphere.
  3. Ensuring the happiness and satisfaction of every team member.

We invite you to catch a behind-the-scenes look at our teams as they enthusiastically film and produce your videos, showcasing their dedication and skill!



Our Bangladesh Team:

At the head of our operations in Bangladesh is Papu, our dedicated manager. Papu is the face behind every captivating video produced in Bangladesh, ensuring quality and excellence.

With a wealth of experience in creating entertaining dance videos, Papu leads a team comprising not only members of his family but also individuals from his neighborhood. Together, they collaborate passionately to craft the engaging content you enjoy."